Animated Cursors and Subliminal Links

I did some windows cursor animations long long ago. Still love them after looking at them for 15 years – very relaxing, so if you’re up for a change, download them and check them out…. together with some link fun.

They cursors are easy to use: Just save the ani files, and change to them in your mouse settings. Here are up-scaled previews:

Relaxing Water - Mouse Cursor
This one is thought of as standard arrow. Careful, you might just watch the cursor all day!
Download the cursor here.
Relaxing Water - Mouse Cursor
A little working ant, fitting for “working in the background” arrow.
Download the cursor here. !

Some links as promised. First off the video analysis of Space Oddysey 2001 by Rob Ager. Stanley Kubrick apparently thought very deep about every scene – to the most minute details. Putting subliminal messages here and there – kinda mind blowing, especially the hidden IBM logos are stunning.
Should be a good lesson to artists, and how they can work with symbols – then again, Kubrick borrowed a lot himself from artists like Magritte.

Kubrick is not the only one good at hiding warnings for society in symbols. Studio Ghibli’s mastermind Hayao Miyazaki for example created the animation movie “Spirited Away” as a subliminal tale about children in today’s sexualized society.

Spirited Away Movie

The ghost keeps offering money to Chihiro.

Anyways, I’ll round this all up by destroying your eyesight forever.