Patreon Exclusive: Alla Prima Ink

As promised, a second work-in-progress this month for supporters. This time of an alla-prima painting of trees.

I’m planning to paint more outside. The weather is stopping me this month – but before the deep winter months I did manage nearly weekly. Here is one I did after visiting one exhibition I had in Zwolle. It took a long time walking around and finding a right subject. It just somehow has to click – and that very much happened with these trees. I’ll first post a photo of the scene here.

Tree Scene Ref

A reference photo I made – in case that I want to continue in the studio. Though generally I prefer to draw from the real thing.

Drawing First step

The progress after the first day. It was a bit cut short thanks to taking so long to find the spot.

Even for a drawing, the light should be not too different from the starting point. So yes – this needs more steps. I’ll update here again.