Thomas Schmall painting

Me painting

I am Thomas Schmall, a German now living in Amsterdam. My passions are painting, games … and thinking about science and other unimportant things.

For many years I was employed in the games industry working on several triple-A titles, but changed into living from freelance work and traditional paintings. By now I’ve had some exhibitions in the Netherlands and Japan. Games are still keeping me busy – making and playing. And I found that what I learn in one area, helps me greatly to improve in the other.

So here you’re at the right place to see all the outcomes of it: Paintings, sketches, tutorials and other art I find, random thoughts, or the progress of a little game project I’m working on.

Want to send any ideas, suggestions or hate-mails along? Feel free to comment or email me. I’m always eager to improve this page.
And of course, you can as well hire me for freelance work.

Here is a short clip of a German documentary from 2011 – showing me painting in Amsterdam’s Oude-Kerk.