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Recent content:

Autumn Berries

Watercolor and ink drawing of a berry-shrub on an Island...

Style Evolution of a Container Box

Texture in Black and white
After first staring in pencil style for game objects, I switched to a more ink-like style. Here is a show-off of an updated object...

Elemental Figures

Simple Lines Figure Drawing
Maybe once or twice per 1000 figure-drawings - this comes out. Simple, quick, but to the point...

Creating Stylized Textures the Procedural Way

Procedural Asset Creation
I've set up a procedural workflow to create assets keeping an analog comic style but letting the computer do the work for me. Here I'll describe some steps in layman's terms. ..

Pine Clearing

Pine Forest Clearing Ink Drawing
Ink artwork drawn during a recent travel. It took several sessions - so several crawls through the forest to get to the right spot...

Jazz Patterns

Jazz Rhythm Drawing
I accidentally came across another jazz-themed drawing I've made in 2015, but I've never posted here. Time to fix that...

Phoenix in a Birch Forest

Drawing of Forest and Phoenix
Just finished another longer drawing. And I want to streamline my outreach a bit. I should start measuring the hours I’m putting into these. It’s A4 sized, but I’ve spent substantial time on the details. I think I’m OK with taking a lot of time – it means less updates, but at the end, it’s … Continue reading Phoenix in a Birch Forest

Jazz Stage

Ink Drawing Jazz
Ink drawing of the jazz stage at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam...

Inktober 2017 Roundup

Inktober - Air
I joined Inktober 2017 this time around. Did finish just three artworks in time - the motivational push was great though. A push for more to come...