Monthly Archives: May 2012

Make Good Art!

Wonderful life advice by Neil Gaiman. He is a writer (of comics like “The Sandman”), but all applies fully to any other artist… and beyond. Including some practical freelance-tips. A must see.

Portrait Mashup WIP

The second week of the portrait month is on. Painting people for three days in a row really taught me a lot, I should do it more often – else its really just walking in shallow waters. Anyways, here is a work in progress – planning to have two or three more faces on this … Continue reading Portrait Mashup WIP


A new portrait of a friend. And just delivered to the gallery for the Portrait Month exhibition, that will start tomorrow. It’s done in what is now my new studio – I love the diffuse light, even if it makes it all a bit tougher. So there is more to come from that place. And … Continue reading Elise


A pastel drawing from a recent sketch-session in Berlin: May it please our new eight-legged overlord! To whom this was a homage to. I’m all serious! If the octopus from this clip is not the most heroic creature that ever walketh the earth… …. and did you know they have brains in each of their … Continue reading Octohero!