Monthly Archives: February 2011

Implementing a 3D Game Style

Texture Style with Pen
After deciding to try a more hand-drawn style, I'm testing out how to get the look into 3D textures...

Exhibition Mania

Yesterday I’ve put several images in display windows in Amsterdam Central (close to Nieuwmarkt). Also, the planned joint exhibitions in Breek van Donk are taking shape and several other options are coming up. Busy, busy. So always remember: “You never knew you can stretch like you can stretch in the Yogalab!” …not sure if that … Continue reading Exhibition Mania

Pages of the Past

Here are ten more pages of my mid-2009 sketchbook. Before I get to that: There is also a new post about the indie-project Caromble again. This time I talk about the first steps to take the concepts to 3D. And now to the goods:


Below is my latest finished oil painting, of which I posted a work-in-progress image before. There is also a new update about caromble – with some early style-concepts.

Caromble Starting to Roll!

Finally – after much struggle and suffering: I can unveil the indie game I’m working on with a small dutch team. And of course we set up a proper web-page for it – where you can see the proper announcement of “Caromble”. If you’re too lazy to click it – it is a 3D clone … Continue reading Caromble Starting to Roll!