Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ship Your Art!

How many artworks did you not "ship" because it was just not perfect? I hear this often. Many artists never finish bigger works, because there is always mistakes and room for tweaking. Of course there are differences.....

Joske in One Go

A portrait from some months ago. I often take my time to think if I should tweak - but this one out right in one go - no fixes or touch-ups necessary. Just how it should always be.

More Blindness to the Obvious

In one of my latest posts I tried to make a list of things no artist painted before we had help of optical devices, based on David Hockney’s findings. I want to extend the list – and find explanations of what is going on. When I was at the current exhibition of Txell’s awesomely funny … Continue reading More Blindness to the Obvious

Irina and a Sketched Sketchmeet Sketch

Here is another portrait from my Friday-sessions. And a little sketch from the last Sketchgroup – the meeting of conceptartist and draftsmen from Holland. This time we’ve met in Rotterdam. Good times, even if not as productive as last time.

Juste Premixed

When a model got sick Juste was so nice to come over from Utrecht to save the day. It's great to have friends like that - thanks a lot! And here is another shot of a palette. I started doing these for showing them here - for example how I mix before painting - and … Continue reading Juste Premixed

Barbara on Hot Pressed Paper

Trying out more things with water colors – in this case a bit different paper. It is “Hot Pressed” – which means it is much smoother than the “Cold Pressed” I used the last times. It dries faster and doesn’t create as many of those little hard edges where the water dries, making it easier … Continue reading Barbara on Hot Pressed Paper