Monthly Archives: October 2010

Redhairday Overtime

The Redhairday led to some followups. One is the sister of one of the models - but there was not enough time that day. So her family came all the way from Utrecht to my place, so they can have pictures of both. Was really fun - thank you very much. On that day I've … Continue reading Redhairday Overtime

Scott Burdick About the Art Establishment and Beauty

These are some very interesting arguments by Scott Burdick about beauty in art (thanks to Sjan for pointing it out). Himself being a figurative painter, he criticizes the modern art establishment for completely excluding this style from museums or the collectors market. These four videos are not only thought provoking, but also filled with jawdroppingly … Continue reading Scott Burdick About the Art Establishment and Beauty

Peter on Expensive Paper

On this water color I changed the hair a lot after the model session. I waste a lot of money when buying materials. Its just an personal obsession – I can’t stop myself from always getting the most expensive option there is. In retrospect it payed off though (at least in that case) – erasing … Continue reading Peter on Expensive Paper

Sketchmeet and Brakwater

End of this month – Saturday October 30 – will be another Sketchmeet. A get-together of artists from Holland. This time in Rotterdam at the Image-Festival. Not sure if we actually go into the exhibit – I guess we rather just hang out, share sketchbooks and draw like mad as usual – join the fun … Continue reading Sketchmeet and Brakwater

Some not so stupid people

To balance out after my post about not so smart people I follow it up with not stupid people. Starting with one really exceptional guy – Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In contrast to Sam Harris he is actually seeing science and mathematics as extremely limited. His idea of “Black Swans” is one example. These are extreme … Continue reading Some not so stupid people

Jan Kal and the Palette

This portrait shows Jan Kal - maybe some Dutch readers heard, or read of him. With the painting I added one photo of my palette. There are the colors listed that I used on this picture. Alizarin Crimson (a dark red), Yellow Ochre (an earthen yellow) and Phthalo Turquoise (a powerful green/blue) plus a Flake … Continue reading Jan Kal and the Palette