Monthly Archives: April 2010

New Exhibitions going on

Currently there are two joint-showings of my pictures here in Amsterdam. I created a listing, which I want to keep updated from now on. Firstoff, there is a indefinite exposition in Koppelaar’s Kunsthuiskamer. A gallery in Amsterdam Oud West (close to Central), which is specialized in Amsterdam Cityviews. It will keep 3 of my paintings … Continue reading New Exhibitions going on

Final painting: Lake 2

I’ve posted a wip earlier. Here is the final one of Lake. The foreground works better now with the extended sheet. I also had a more detailed face at some point – but overpainted it to a simpler version.

Yola, final version

This is the final version of a work in progress I posted before. Visitors of the exhibition have seen the image already. Although I must admit, since I was in a hurry I accidentally hung it up the wrong way :D Both versions work – but I do like this angle the most.

Art as New Science

Recently the Large Hadron Collider has been reaching a new record energy output. The main goal of this huge structure is finding the Higgs boson. Exciting? Hm. The particle is important for high energy physics – without it, the mathematics would be flawed. But we know that the mathematics are highly accurate. The Higgs Boson … Continue reading Art as New Science