Work in Progress 3 and Random Linking

And the 3rd version of the Marta Oil painting (after first WIP and second one). Near the end of the session the model agreed to come another time – so it would have been done, but I sure appreciate having lots of time to do the face, and then just tweak. I really spent a lot of time just observing and thinking – and that paid off in my opinion.

Some finds on vastness of the internet space:

– Illustration art blog at a really touching update of the “Artists in Love” series.

– Ok, this “Jeff Koons must die” video game is a bit radical – but hilarious. Funny how much time the artist must have put in to copy Koons’s artworks – considering he doesn’t seem to like it.

– And some inspiration for concept artists: Forget Hollywood – these insects (called treehoppers) have the most alien body-appendages ever. Scientists just found out that it is transformed wings from ancient evolution. But what they are for is mostly unknown. (more pictures are here, and here)

Treehopper - Heteronotus Maculatus

Treehopper - Heteronotus Maculatus

As a twist, the following one, while looking like an existing treehopper, is a Papier-mâché model by Alfred Keller (thanks to Susanna Jerger for the link).

Treehopper Bocydium-Globulare by Alfred Keller

Treehopper Bocydium-Globulare by Alfred Keller. Based on the real bug.