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Ink and Pencil at Amsterdam Meetups

Two drawings from Amsterdam art get-togethers I joined.

These are head-scribbles from the The Open Draw drawing session – which meets every two weeks on Mondays.

Head Sketches

Ink drawing on A4 Marker paper

And this I made at the Amsterdam International Life Drawing Society, which had an event with the band Moonaddict playing live, while we were drawing.

Band playing - Pencil drawing

Pencil on 30x50cm paper.

Th-Ink Figure

This is one of those longer drawings (done at Atelier Stoker’s Sunday session … that leave a lot time for a wandering mind. What do you think about when painting?

I always catch myself wondering what people will say. Maybe how much they’ll love it and upvote it everywhere … or hate it. How I could sell the result – or rip it apart if it goes wrong. It’s a distraction.
When reading an 2500 year old Hindu scripture that evening, I found a line quite fitting to the problem.

“Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty. …
Those who want to enjoy the fruits of their work are misers.”

Bhagavad-Gītā (Chapter 2 verse 47/49)

An option I strangely never thought of, but I’ll give it a shot: Ignore thoughts of rewards and reactions. It’s a waste of time and not what it should be about. It’s not about the resulting piece even. It’s the process. Which is not done when the picture is.

Ink Figure Drawing

Ink Figure – Ink on A2 paper (sold)

Inking from Memory

Recently I’m drawing more from memory than from reference. It’s an interesting exercise to pull those images out of the mind – they’re in there, but resisting.

Strangely – one can always see when it went wrong. Here are some of the better ones: A drawing from an event some months earlier, and some animals.

Bonfire drawing

Little get-together at the bonfire.

Dog drawings.

A couple of dogs

Animals from Memory.

Various animals from memory. Not showing the Iguana here, failed even after two weeks trying.

Sketching Through Tuscany

Some more impressions from Italy – mostly from walking around aimlessly through the nature and cities in Tuscany (see the first sketches here).

Chianti Drawing

Toscana area (Chianti) at the evening.
(Markers on Moleskine sketchbook)

Toscana Forest

Forest in the Toscana
(Markers on Moleskine)

Siena Duomo view

View to Siena’s city center – with the Duomo throning on top what seems like a medieval sky scraper.

Siena Duomo Stairs

Stairs leading around the Duomo in Siena.

Various Impressions from the Toscana traveling. Had some encounters with boars and an owl in touching distance.

Sketchbook Time Travel – 2009 Edition

Long time, no Sketchbook. Some more pages from the end of 2009. Amsterdammers might even recognize one or the other place. I’ll leave it to you to guess.

Also, since we’re at the topic of Amsterdam: I’m desperately in need of a studio. It’s tough to find an affordable cozy place, with nice light. If anyone knows anything in or around West, please let me know.

On another note: I also added new conceptart to the website indie-game I’m working on.

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009- The woodwards

This and the next 2 are musicians playing at the … oops, didn’t wanna tell. The Woodwards is really nice country … kinda from Amsterdam. He’s playing again tomorrow in the Jet-Lounge btw. – I can really recommend it.
The following band actually noticed me sketching and played a song about artists for me, thanks… and sorry for forgetting the name :D

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009

Thomas's Sketchbook 2009 - bonefire

Irina and a Sketched Sketchmeet Sketch

Here is another portrait from my Friday-sessions.

Thomas Schmall

And a little sketch from the last Sketchgroup – the meeting of conceptartist and draftsmen from Holland. This time we’ve met in Rotterdam. Good times, even if not as productive as last time.

Random scribble from the Sketchmeet.

Random scribble from the recent Sketchmeet. The colors are odd - I used the pen of Garry first, and then mine of the exact same kind, and it looks very different. Kinda nice though.

Two Links and Two WIP’s Walk Into a Bar…

Uh, lots of pictures I still plan to post, but no time. Have been heavily procrastinating on all matters but painting – not enough self promo, not enough money making … and the worst: tax reports. They are giving me nightmares even with the few dusty coins I have to declare.

One very nice blog post relating to this futile artists life: “When an artist falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it…”. It’s from Illustration art – one of the most wonderful art blogs I know.

I’ll just add two quickly snapped work in progresses for now: This is a painting I will finish this Sunday. Head, second hand, legs, breasts…. all in one last sitting. This will be a challenge.

Branka - oil on canvas - work in progress

I have a good feeling, but then again – I always do. I really find myself a 100% in this quote by Bouguereau:

“Starting a picture is very pleasant, for you always believe that this time you’re going to create a masterpiece; you take pains, and little by little the painting takes shape, the effect comes through. You feel marvelous sensations. When it’s done however things are different. You want to touch up the arm, the movement of the body doesn’t seem graceful…and you end up doing nothing for fear of having to redo the whole thing completely.”

I took this from another great blog – Art and Influence – it’s full of interesting art history, in a much more relatable way that you see in your usual art book.

Caromble BG.