Recent posts on Line Arts

Everything that’s just Line, without shading.
I’m excited about this style, so I’ve created up a patreon project just for black and white art, and I hope to find the time to work more in it.

Figure to Light

Ink Figure
A recent figure drawing - with good ol' ink and brushes.

Caromble Marketing Artwork Process

Marketing Illustration
The final polished marketing Illustration for Caromble! - my sketches, blockouts and a nice wallpaper version.

Ink Logo Design

Ink Logo Chopper Charlie
An ink logo lettering for a friend with a new barber shop.

Inktober Waves and Explosions

Ink Bottle Calligraphy
Two more drawings of Inktober. Trying a bit around with calligraphy. One of the results can now be won in my patreon project.

2007 Sketchbook Memories

2007 ink sketchbook
Posting sketchbook pages from 2007 - with scenes from Amsterdam ... and lots of bars.