Recent posts on Inks

These posts are about ink artworks and tutorials. Some by me and some by artists I found.
I have a specific patreon project dedicated to ink art – so if you would like to see more, please support me there.

Jazz Stage

Ink Drawing Jazz
Ink drawing of the jazz stage at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam.

Inktober 2017 Roundup

Inktober - Air
I joined Inktober 2017 this time around. Did finish just three artworks in time - the motivational push was great though. A push for more to come.

Portrait Rotation

Portrait Caricature
At work we did a portrait raffle, where artists would get to draw each other. So here is the one I did - and one of me.

Figure to Light

Ink Figure
A recent figure drawing - with good ol' ink and brushes.

Ink Self-Portrait

Thomas Schmall Ink Portrait
A self-portrait with experiments on subject, materials and self-promotion.

Jump Into the Water!

Bruce Lee Illustrated Quote
I lettered a little Bruce Lee quote for a Secret Santa gift - jumping right into the water, ready for 2016!