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All postings about events I found interesting, or that I take part in (hey, it might even be both at the same time).
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Linking Metaphors in Film and Art

A little link collection again – starting with some research on metaphors. This video by “Every Frame A Painting” analyzes how Akira Kurosawa used cinematic techniques in his films. A lot of it is about movement and transitions, but many can be helpful when painting. Specifically the ubiquitous use of weather and the elements as … Continue reading Linking Metaphors in Film and Art

Machiya Gateway

Final oil painting of a little side-street in Koyto, leading to a Machiya.

Charcoal Portrait

Here’s a quick charcoal portrait, done at a Wackers Academie workshop during the recent realisme art convention in Amsterdam. Since we’re at it: The portrait month starts up in April – each Friday and Saturday. I’ll try to join again. If you want to volunteer as a model or go paint, check on the announcement … Continue reading Charcoal Portrait