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New Poster Prints for Sale – Accepting Beautiful Bitcoin!

Accepting bitcoin as payment

Time to dump BTC!

I’m filling the shop bit by bit – now there are two new A2 prints of oil paintings available. And right in time for the enormous crash on the Bitcoin bandwagon!

When checking out, you can choose the Bitcoin option to transfer the payment without fees. It’s a bit of an experiment, and my little part in supporting this wonderful idea.

1B33KuZx2kDn42mgCMsH6zYUQpesFnQ3DX is my wallet to send to. You can also use the QR-code on the side. Up up and away – to the future!

Street-Art Project on Amsterdam’s Warmoestraat

This Sunday artists and residents painted on the central tourist street of Amsterdam. I joined as helper … and had a lot of fun. Here are some of the pictures.

You can see more (including a cool overview) at the DoubleYouStreetColours website, who organized this event with the help of the W139. Must have been quite some work – there were stencils for 550 meters of road. It took 200 liters of paint 100 artists. We started 7:45 in the morning – it was done and dried around 11. Was a really fun event with many incredibly nice people. Hope the colors last a week.

On a side note, if you’re curious about the indie-game project I’m working on: I’ve posted some art for the commercial levels on our site.

Amsterdam Art Project - Warmoestraat

Preparations at 8 in the morning – to avoid the tourists.

Amsterdam Art Project - Warmoestraat

At 9 everyone started painting…

Amsterdam Art Project - Warmoestraat

…and I’m getting photobombed.

Amsterdam Art Project - Warmoestraat

They put ropes up above the street, to make overhead shots.

Amsterdam Art Project - Warmoestraat

One of my contributions.

Amsterdam Postcards at the PR2-Gallery

You can now buy some postcards of my paintings at the new location of the Gallery PR2 at Zeedijk – right in the heart of Amsterdam.

It’s the Amsterdam painting with rain and snow, and one Dutch flower-scene. If they sell well, I’ll bring the originals there that I still have… hopefully it brings the chance to create more Amsterdam views.

Zeedijk Amsterdam

Post-Cards at Amsterdam-Zeedijk, in the Gallery-PR2

Postcard, flowers

This one didn’t fit in the stand outside.

Kyo-Machiya Booklet – and Ignite Speech Today

Below I got a booklet from Japan about my Art-In-Residence – it’s interesting to see the Japanese perspective on it. But first: This evening I’ll give a presentation about my Japan Art in Residence at the Mediamatic in Amsterdam. The event is called Ignite 28 and features 12 speakers with each 5 minutes of time.

They serve a nicely priced Dinner (a rare find in Amsterdam) at 19:30 (Arroz con pato, Roti, and stuffed Eggplant), wit the presentations starting at 21:00 o’clock. The entrance is 6 Euro via the website. It’s about 10 bus minutes from Amsterdam Central Station (VOC–kade 10, 1018 LG Amsterdam).

As I will concentrate on the cultural differences I noticed in Japan, it fits very nice that the Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration (KCCC) made a brochure about the stay. It looks very nice with pictures of the exhibition. You can download the pdf on their website (safety copy here).

Kyoto Art Center - Art In Residence Booklet - Kyomachia 2012

Page from the booklet by from Japan.
On the left it’s us artists giving the presentation in Kyoto Arts Center.

I found some of the texts very interesting. Here is one part that I especially liked:

The Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration together with
the Kyoto Art Center has been supporting an artist in residence
program that welcomes artists from within Japan and abroad.
During their stay in a Kyo-machiya, all of the participants who
came from the Netherlands this year were able to explore every
corner of Kyoto with a rich sensibility.
The behavior of the power poles, overhead lines and signboards that
sketch out the aerial landscape in relation to the traditional homes
were recognized as a unique signature expression of the city.
The explorations of the artists gave an opportunity for local
residents they interacted with to realize interesting aspects in the
everyday stereotypes of their own culture that they had overlooked
or dismissed.
As citizens of the world we believe in the advancement of this kind
of exchange.

Hiroshi Mimura
President of the Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration

These artworks and installations went through so many lenses – from observing the location, to creating, to the artworks being observed, and then again commented. And in every step something fresh and interesting is added. Apart from here learning what caught the attention of the Japanese in the artworks, you can notice an unusual use of words and relationships, that is not always easy to understand from a western perspective. More on that in some planned blog posts, and of course the presentation tonight.

Japan Expo Halftime – And New Stuff Upcoming

Time for a little update about the expo of the Japan artworks.
The reactions so far are really nice. The opening was sold out – and even with added seats there were still people willing to stand to watch the presentation. It’s great to get lot’s of people that care about the topic and art… some lesson I tried to apply from my experience from my first bigger expo, where it was quite full but mostly with friends. Of course now I had fellow artists helping. There is still lots to improve for next time – I’ll write a detailed post-mortem after the expo is closed.

Anyone who wants a tour is welcome to contact me – I live closeby, and happy to hear what people think.

Some other notes:
The Gallery-PR2 is now also selling my artworks. With some group-showings possibly coming up. Some really skilled artists showing there, like Svetlana Tourina and Natalia Dik. A must see if you like representative art (close to CS).
This month is packed with other events:
On Sunday (17th) I’ll be at the Rembrandt Art Market with a little stand, trying to sell paintings. If anyone wants to join in, let me know – it’s said to get busy (and press is coming), so it might be tough to keep an eye on the stand alone.

Aaand the following week, 24th of March: Portraits in the Noorderpark (aka Flevopark) for the Noorderparkkamer.

Sunday the 30th I’ll be at the Rembrandt market yet again. As because per usual I’ll do everything wrong the first time :D

And then Monday I’ll portrait again: …on Het Feestje van Steve on the Steve Bikoplein in Amsterdam Oost. Time for a new challenge: This time I’ll try black and white with oil colors.

Some pics from the expo:

Japanese AIR Exposition - Amsterdam 2013


Japanese AIR Exposition - Amsterdam 2013 - visitors


Japanese AIR Exposition - 2013 - sweets

The sweets – green tea mousse by Uno.

Japanese AIR Exposition - Lies Verdenius Presentation

Lies’s presentation.

Details of the “Kyoto Artists In Residence” Exhibition Amsterdam

Two weeks to go: Time to push out all the details here (Engl., Nederl., 日本語). First of all – the poster! If you know any venue where I can put it, or want a bucket of flyers, please let me know. Gotta get the word out.
There is an opening on the 2nd of March with talks by each of us three artists (limited seats). You can also see the exhibition all through March.

Kyoto Machiya Exposition, Amsterdam. Thomas Schmall, Annelinde de Jong, Lies Verdenius

“Kyoto – Amsterdam exchange exposition” poster.

Following are description and details in English, Dutch and Japanese.


“Artists in Residence in a Kyoto Machiya” Exposition
The works from Kyoto by Annelinde de Jong, Lies Verdenius and Thomas Schmall

Exposition: 2nd of march until 30th March 2013 – Tue – Sat   10am – 6pm
Opening en presentation talk: 2nd March (Sat) 1pm

On March 2 the artists are giving a presentation at the Japans Cultureel Centrum about their stay and work in Kyoto. Everyone is welcome to join. Admission for the presentation: € 5. There are limited seats, so reserving via is advised.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, near Dam-Square
Stichting Japans Cultureel Centrum
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177, 1012 RK Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)20-6279523  E-mail:

Machiya are the traditional wooden houses in Kyoto. A unique mix of merchant/artisan and living space. The idea to let artists from the Netherlands stay in such a house, is to let them experience the everyday live of the city more direct than when staying in a hotel. Seeing the traditions and way of life of the neighbors directly, allows a direct exchange between the Dutch and Japanese cultures.
At the end of 2012 Thomas Schmall, Annelinde de Jong and Lies Verdenius took part in this residence program. They stayed from mid-October  until the end of November – working on artworks, installations and learning about the local culture and craftsmanship. The specific inspirations during this stay came from the small streets with many of the Machiya, the production and use of Washi (like the Washi-making, a handmade paper that is made since more than a thousand years) and the impressive temple gardens.

Dutch / Nederlands

“Artists in Residence in een Kyoto Machiya” Expositie
De werken uit Kyoto van Annelinde de Jong, Lies Verdenius en Thomas Schmall

Expositie: 2 maart t/m 30 maart 2013 – Di t/m Za   10-18 uur
Opening en presentatie: 2 maart za 13 uur

Op 2 maart geven zij in ‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum (boven ‘t Japans Winkeltje) een presentatie over hun verblijf en werk in Kyoto. Iedereen is van harte welkom. Entree voor presentatie: € 5, Reserveren via wordt aanbevolen

Stichting Japans Cultureel Centrum
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177, 1012 RK Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)20-6279523  E-mail:


Kyoto Machiya Exposition Flyer

Een ‘Machiya’ is een traditionele stadswoning in Kyoto. Het idee achter een verblijf in een Machiya is dat je als bewoner het alledaagse leven in de stad beter kunt ervaren dan als toerist vanuit een hotel. De tradities en levensstijlen van buurtbewoners zijn zo direct toegankelijk. En kan er een wederzijdse uitwisseling van de Nederlandse en Japanse cultuur werkelijkheid worden. Door een verblijf in de Machiya woning kunnen de verschillende begrippen van schoonheid, levensstijl en filosofie samenkomen.

In 2012 waren Thomas Schmall, Annelinde de Jong en Lies Verdenius de deelnemende beeldend kunstenaars. Zij verbleven van 16 okt. t/m 26 nov. in een Machiya, werkten aan hun creaties en leerden over lokale cultuur en traditionele kunsten. Hun inspiratiebronnen lagen in de kleine straatjes met vele Machiya in Kyoto, in de productie en het gebruik van Washi (handgemaakt traditioneel papier) en in de prachtige tempeltuinen.

“Artist in residence in een Kyoto-Machiya” wordt gesponsord door ‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum (JCC), een niet-commerciële organisatie in Amsterdam. In samenwerking met het Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration (KCCC) en het Kyoto Art Center (KAC).

Japanese / 日本語

京町家 ・ アーティストインレジデンス

アンネリンデ・ デ ヨング と リス・フェルデニウス と トーマス・朱丸

展覧会の日時:  2013年 3月 2日(土)  >  3月 30日(土)
火曜日~土曜日  10:00~18:00

プレゼンテーション: 3 月 2 日(土) 13:00
チャージ (プレゼンテーション): € 5        予約してください:

Stichting Japans Cultureel Centrum (日本のカルチャーセンター)
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177, 1012 RK Amsterdam

「京町家アーティスト・イン・レジデンス 2012」は、オランダ、アムステルダムを拠点とする非営利の日本文化センター JCC (Stichting ’Japans Cultureel Centrum)と公益財団法人京都市景観・まちづくりセンターが共催する、オランダと日本(京都)の交流を基盤にしたアーティスト・イン・レジデンス プログラムです。
このプログラムは 2011 年から始まりました。京町家に滞在し、日常の町家暮らしや京都の伝統文化・生活文化の体験を通じて の二国間の文化交流から、「地域社会に何を提供できるのか」をテーマにしています。

Annelinde de Jong, Lies Verdenius, Thomas Schmall - artworks

Artworks from each of us.

Kyoto Exhibition Details

The Machiya-Art in Residence is going full power! We’re working on the exhibition now. Everyone is welcome to join our exhibition next week (22nd and 23rd November). Kyoto Art Center Exhibit Banner 2012

We’ll also give a talk on the 23rd beginning at 14:00 o’clock. Japanese detailed info following. If anyone needs more info in English – please contact me. Until then I assume everyone in Kyoto speaks perfect Japanese.

The room still has to be prepared – here’s how it looks at the moment. Annelinde plans to use Japanese paper to transform the room into an installation. Lies will show her drawings and a book she made. And I will show 7 or 8 paintings, depending on how the next days of painting will go.

The Kyoto Art Center Exhibition room

The Kyoto Art Center Exhibition room – as a quick panorama I put togethers. We still have to figure out how to use it. It looks neat already though.

On to the info of the flyer – which you can also download as PDF, or as image (cover and back).

Update: 木曜日 私は 16時から、 と 金曜日 12時から 展覧会 に いきます。

京町家アーティスト・イン・レジデンス2012 展示会・報告会




出展作家:リス・フェルデニウス、トーマス・シュマル、アンネリンデ・デ ヨング



    プレゼンテーション:リス・フェルデニウス、トーマス・シュマル、アンネリンデ・デ ヨング


TEL 075-213-1000 FAX075-213-1004 e-mail
Facebook: Uitwisseling Kyoto Machiya