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The Fractal Art of Jason Padgett

Posted on February 22, 2015 by Thomas | Discoveries | Tags: , , , |

Jason Padgett started creating The geometrical drawings out of nothing, after being brutally hit on the head.

They look fascinating. Sadly its a bit hard to come by well researched articles about this stunning story. This article in the NYPost about Padgett, describes his mathematical drive after his brain injury.

“Padgett is one of only 40 people in the world with “acquired ­savant syndrome,” a condition in which prodigious talents in math, art or music emerge in previously normal individuals following a brain injury or disease.”

There are also examples of a such injuries leading to musical genius, like in the case of Derek Amato. But let’s stick to the art guy – here is a little news item about Padgett:

Another interesting snippet is when he talks about how he sees movement.

Here are a couple of drawings I found. Padgett sells prints at his fineartamerica page.

Padgett Energy Spiral

Energy Spiral (2008)

Padgett Perfect Square

Perfect Square (2013)

Padgett Photon Double Slit Test

Photon Double Slit Test (2006)

Padgett Quantum Hand

Quantum Hand Frequency (2006)

Padgett Quantum Fractal

Quantum Star Fractal (2010)

Padgett Pi

The Shape of Pi (2008)

Ink and Pencil at Amsterdam Meetups

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , |

Two drawings from Amsterdam art get-togethers I joined.

These are head-scribbles from the The Open Draw drawing session – which meets every two weeks on Mondays.

Head Sketches

Ink drawing on A4 Marker paper

And this I made at the Amsterdam International Life Drawing Society, which had an event with the band Moonaddict playing live, while we were drawing.

Band playing - Pencil drawing

Pencil on 30x50cm paper.

Pencil Figures Two

Posted on February 8, 2015 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , |

And a handful more penciled figure drawings.

Check the meetup group Weekly-Figure-Drawing-Amsterdam for joining.

Pencil Drawing, Girl playful

Pencil on A3 Bristol paper.

Sitting Life Drawing Model Pencil

Pencil on A3 Bristol paper.

Figure - Pencil and Pen

Pen and Pencil on A4 paper.

Parsifal in Tokyo – Part 1

Posted on February 4, 2015 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , |

In October ran Wagner’s “Parsifal” in the New National Theater Tokyo. I’m quite happy how the costume designs for this worked out.

This is the first of two batches I’ll show.

When I’ve read the story while listening, I was blown away. I was more of a Nibelungen Saga fan, which is already ahead of our time when it comes to story writing. It completely avoids the usual good-vs-bad dichotomy. But Parsifal is another step beyond – with mixing holy and cursed in one role.

Yet again, the stage design was great – here is a video, which shows the actual 3D effects they used. Japan, Japan: always with one foot in the future.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Parsifal

Parsifal himself.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Titurel

Titurel, the old keeper of the grail.

Titurel, Parsifal Opera

Titurel on the Throne.

Opera Costume - Kundry in silk dress with Veil

Kundry (a very interesting character) with a veil.

Parsifal Costume - Gurnemanz in black leather coat

Gurnemanz, with a leather coat.

Costume Photo, Gurnemanz Spear

Costume photo, with the spear.

Parsifal Costume - Knight in creme suit

A knight in a creme colored suit.

Parsifal Costume - Child

Child in the final ceremony.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Klingsor in violet suit

Klingsor, wanting to keep the holy grail.

Costume photo in the play.

Klingsor and Kundry in the play.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Amazone 11

One of the 12 amazones.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Squire woman in white plain suit

A squire in a plain white suit.

Weekly Life Drawing Group

Posted on January 13, 2015 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , |

I’ve set up a Weekly-Figure-Drawing group on Meetup, in the hope to draft more regulars for our sessions.

So if you’re in Amsterdam, check it out. Here is a pic of our set-up – and below are the results from the last sessions.
Amsterdam Weekly Life Drawing

Life Drawing Pencil

Pencil on Bristol paper.

Pencil on A4 paper.

Figure - Pen

Pen on A4 paper.

Life Drawing Pencil

Pencil on A4 paper.

You Win Today, BearWhale!

Posted on January 6, 2015 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , , , |

Some quick comics I did for fun, when weird things happened in the cryptocurrencies.

When I saw that one trader recently got the nickname Bearwhale (don’t ask), I just had to picture that…

Bearwhale Comic

The BearWhale got the last laugh.

I was doing a couple small deeds in the cryptocurrency these days: wrote the Proof-of-Stake explanation and the Nxt Wikipedia page. Nxt has some inspiring attitudes too.

Nxt comic

How the Nxt community works together.

Whales playing Pingpong with Nxtty

And they have whales. To be honest… I think I just like to draw those.

14-18 Musical Costumes

Posted on January 1, 2015 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , |

The following are costumes for the Belgian Musical 14-18, which plays in World War I. It features quite a big ensemble and an impressive stage design.

Happy new year everyone! My resolution this time: create more content. So the blog should see more updates too. Not just in artworks but also essays – which I did only rarely so far, but writing is helpful to clarify ideas for oneself. Hopefully some programs will follow too – including Caromble which is now truly close to the early access release on Steam. I have the feeling 2015 will be a pivotal year. Let’s see!

14-18 cast foto.

On to the musical dresses, this was the full cast.

I mostly drew the refugees, and the civilian dresses of the main cast. To get an impression – you can see the trailer.

The stage design was mobile, with the audience moving around.

14-18 Musical Stage

The stage.

Here is the dress of the lead actress:

1910s European woman's costume - plaid

Anna in the simple plaid costume.

And how it looked in the final result:

World War One Costume

Free Souffriau as Anna

1910s World War One era dashing suit

Civilian dress of one of the male leads.

1910s European refugee dress - WW1

A child refugee.

1910s World War One era suit

Suit of another principal.

1910s child refugee costume

Refugee boy.

1910s World War One era coat

War refugee in a coat.

1910s simple dress

Female refugee in a coat.

Three Pencil Figures

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , |

Three life drawings from the recent Thurday sessions.

Everyone who joins us this month can bring one person for free!

Figure Drawing in Pencil

Pencil on A3 Bristol Paper.

Pencil drawing male nude

Pencil drawing A4.

Female Nude Pencil Drawing

Pencils on A3 Bristol paper.

NXT Anniversary Cake

Posted on November 25, 2014 by Thomas | Artworks | Tags: , , |

A little graphic I did for for the one year birthday of NXT.

Also wanna shout out thanks to the art platform Barkloud, that selected some of my artworks to feature them during this week on their facebook and instagram pages.

And now: cake!

NXT Birthday Cake

3D Cryptocurrency Infographic

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Thomas | Programming | Tags: , , |

A new project I’m working on next to Caromble: It is a 3D infographic to visualize a Cryptocurrency ecosystem. It’s a bit of new ground, even for that field. So I’ll just dump my current concepts and planning stages here, hoping that some will get a rough idea what it’s about… or just like the look.

At the end it should provide an understandable overview of the so-called SuperNet to the crypto-interested. SuperNet is a system that combines several services and currencies into one practical multitool.
I’ll do this in the Unity engine, which soon will allow publishing 3D graphics on websites without needing plugins. If there is any programmer up for helping, please let me know – I do have a certain budget for this. Another 3D artist might also be very useful.

Supernet Tech Tree Intro

The Tech-Tree intro screen

The 3D is in part because it’ll be more interesting, but the depth and movement will help a lot to visualize the high complexity of the relations. I want to also allow filters, and selections (that you can see on the side) to make it easier. I want to show how dividends move from one service to another. Here is a design test of how it could look.

SuperNet Tech Tree Overview

A 2D mockup for the look.

The following shows the precise content for Milestone one, showing a system of exchanging cryptocurrencies via MultiGateWay, using NXT. Later this will be expanded nearly 10 fold.

Multigateway Schematic

Multigateway Schematic: The currencies (triangles) are providing some features (squares) – for example messaging or the asset exchange. They are then converted into NXT-Assets, that the Multigateway service (at the center) then uses. It supplies dividends from fees back to the currencies.

You can zoom in on items, and then their content will be shown in more detail – with descriptions and links to what services they use.

Item Zoom

The way the items scale when zooming in.

Some of the services will be explained with an animation. Here is the Multigateway – showing Bitcoin transferred to an address, then being approved by three servers and converted into an NXT asset. That will be my next task.

Animation plan for the Multigateway

Animation plan for the MultiGateWay functionality.

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